👋 Hey, I'm Patrick Colucci - designer, developer and maker - mainly based in Arizona. California. Toronto.

I created the first RSS-to-Push Notification app called Newsflash. I developed a Hotline Bling theme game that was downloaded by Drake. I also created a compass that points to a point-of-interest instead of True North. I organized all beef in recorded music together to produce the world's largest collection online for anyone to search or visualize. Lastly, I once purchased 1,000,000 Twitter followers. You can see more of my digital work here.

Aside from digital, I've created a few tangibles including a clothing brand and a published book.

My work has been featured on Yahoo, MarketWatch, BuzzFeed, Apple's AppStore, ProductHunt, Spotify, U.S. TV and Canadian radio.

If you want to get in touch, email or add me on Twitter.